Every month, I'll share the lyrics to one of my songs. This month, I've chosen "Nowhere In Sight," which appears on my CD.

Nowhere In Sight

The morning fog had just settled in
As I pushed my boat from the shore
Looking back I knew my bearings would be lost
Could be missing several hours or more
Pay no, I'm picking up speed
I'll make my way back eventually
But for now I need to go at it alone
Today the bay belongs to me

Nowhere in sight
A soul obsession
With the chores of a man on the mend
No land in sight
A brief regression
I'll remember this place in the end

Lay out the framework for adventure
Normal reservations take a fall
Outside the gate, a little observation
The sum of two doesn't add up at all

Slowly to a stop
End all confusion
Idle the paddle, caught adrift
Quiet as it sinks
All allusion
As the weight on the keel begins to lift.


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