Every month, I'll share the lyrics to one of my songs. This month, I've chosen "The Only One," which appears on my CD.

The Only One

I felt the ground shake
I thought it crude you stood there laughing
It was my mistake
That I believed you at all
Where was my mind at
Somewhere south in warmer climates
Thought I was better than that
Somewhat rude for a wakeup call

I'm not the only one
That fell for your faces
I'm not the only one held swayed by your charm
I'm not the only one
Gripped by your graces
I'm not the only one

I paid no heed
To the caution tape and signs a-flashing
I took what joy I would need
And for a moment I could see me as free
But it didn't last
I felt the pain creep in so slowly
How dark the shadow I did cast
It left me cold on the warmest of days

Face a lifetime stuck on replay
Can you sleep beneath a curse
Like the sword of Damocles
You won't feel it at first


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