Every month, I'll share the lyrics to one of my songs. This month, I've chosen "Day At The Beach," which appears on my CD.

Day At The Beach

Wheelspin, dirt-a-flying
I see you heading home
No clue to why you're crying
When the dogs threw us a bone
I knew from this day forward
I'd carry on alone
What's the point of prying when the drama's overblown

The truth was left unspoken
Faint signals loud to some
Busy tending details
Plans for years to come
Did I see your one-way ticket?
Did I sense you'd cut and run?
Slight to none the heartbeat
Of a gallows marching drum

I left the comfort of a hovel in the country
Imagined much more to learn
Trust turned out a bust
Shocking, awe, disgust
Left standing on a beach with a burn

A rickshaw for you waiting
At your beck and call,
When the cobblestones uneven
Progress falls to a crawl
Your reaction to an action
Intentions led astray
 It's better to know now
That you have the feet of clay

Never again he said as he stamped the sand from his shoes
For making payment, on someone else's dues


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